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Odeon Cineplex

Odeon Cineplex has pioneered the modern Multiplex Movie Theatre Industry in the twin cities. Our cineplex focuses on giving the Ultimate Movie Experience. The Multiplex is well equipped with facilities like state-of-the-art 3D Projection Technology, Silver Screens, Dolby-Digital Sound, Stadium Seating and more.

Odeon Cineplex

We pledge to serve our customers with a high-quality seating experience with the finest materials and smooth fabric texture. Providing the customers with exceptional comfort and top-class style, Odeon Cineplex allows you to sit in a top-class cinema enduring Dolby Atmos 7.1 sound that raises your entertainment experience.


Box Office

Concession Stand

Doorway Auditorium



Our unique and wide ‘Concession’ allows you to rest, grab your favorite snacks and enjoy fully with your loved ones. The reason why Odeon Cineplex is the center of attraction for the audience is the membership offer, that does not let you lose interest in it.

About Organization

Stepping into the entertainment world, ANB Entertainment provides you with multiple platforms in twin cities to explore the fun. One of the entertainment platforms is Odeon Cineplex, which lets you experience luxury, comfort, and fun together. It is equipped with ultra-modern 3D Projection Technology, Dolby-Digital Sound, Silver screens, and stadium seating. It is expected that more cinemas are about to launch soon in diverse locations.